A Tour of The Blue Leaf Events Venue in Quezon City

October 23, 2019

Filipinos are known to throw grand and majestic events.

Whether the occasion may be a birthday, christening, debut or a wedding, it is always a cause for family and friends to come together. And in this regard, Filipinos are known for their flair in hosting elaborate celebrations. With this in mind, looking for an appropriate reception venue has always proved to be one of the most arduous tasks in any kind of events planning and as a result, it is often seen as the couple’s biggest accomplishment in planning a wedding. As a rule, when it comes to booking a venue, location, price, interiors and service are considered for the ideal space in holding their celebration.

 This is where The Blue Leaf Events Spaces comes in. The Blue Leaf is an events venue in Quezon already known for building a solid reputation among the events and marrying crowd. To further bolster their portfolio of events place, the company added The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan to its string of events venues. Located in the Robinsons Bridgetown compound (a master-planned project of Robinsons Land Corporation in Quezon City), this premier wedding events venue is equipped with a sleek and modern design that is sure to cater to activities of all kinds. More importantly, The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan promises to provide an unparalleled versatility that ensures any kind of event theme will be aptly accommodated. To have a closer look at this events venue, this article will take you on a guided tour of the various areas as well as the three halls in The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan.



The Blue Leaf never fails to make an impression.

Astounding guests with its aesthetic elegance, the main foyer is bedecked with various greenery complemented by ornate fountains to complete its zen-like vibe.

The main and focal piece, however, that makes the entrance such an arresting sight is the grand spiral staircase. Perfect for brides who wish to showcase their beautiful gowns, the modern but chic staircase makes an excellent canvass. 


The main entrance directly opens to the lobby which is well-lit, well-ventilated and can accommodate guests. The open-air lobby is commonly used as a receiving or registration area for guests and visitors for the three venues.

Much like any other area in the events’ space, the lobby’s decorations are minimal but chic to avoid too much visual noise (and to give the decoration themes of your chosen event halls more of a splash when guests enter).

Apart from a set of chairs and the plant focus-piece, the lobby’s main feature is the modern but intricately designed hanging set of pendant lamps in the middle of the room.



The Monet Hall is one of The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan’s events venues. With an area of 530 square meters, the venue can accommodate up to 330 guests at a time.

The Monet Hall is well-lit and is equipped with 4 modern chandeliers. With a ceiling height of 7.0 meters, couples are given wide leverage as to how their ceiling works, decorations drapes will look. It also comes with an adjacent lounge hall equipped with its own comfort room. Couples are free to utilize this lounge for hair and makeup touch-ups or simply as a holding/waiting area for other wedding suppliers.

The rates vary depending on the type and time of the event. Couples who book the venue can get up to five hours’ use of the hall with air-conditioning with two hours ingress and one hour egress. Also included with the venue are acrylic stage panels, back-up generator, 5000 Lumens LCD projector with a 10X13 screen, caterer’s area, electricity (up to 60 amperes, valet service as well as security, engineering, and maintenance staff during the event.    


The Picasso is another events venue at The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan Events Place. Like The Monet, The Picasso has an area of 530 square meters which can accommodate 330 guests at a time.

Like the Monet Hall, the Picasso is equipped with four modern chandeliers similar to the ones you can find in the Monet Hall. Likewise, the events hall is well lit and has a ceiling height of 7.0 meters–again giving couples better leverage in-ceiling works and decorations. The Picasso also comes with its own lounge with its own comfort room adjacent to the hall which can be utilized for hair and makeup touchups or as a holding area for other wedding suppliers. When booked, couples can expect five hours’ use of the hall with air-conditioning as well as a two-hour ingress and one hour egress.

Venue inclusions are the same with The Monet as such that Acrylic Stage Panels, 5000 Lumens LCD projector with 10X13 screen, electricity (up to 60 amperes), backup generator, valet service, caterer’s area and security, engineering, and maintenance staff during the event are part of the package. The rental rates of the Picasso Hall venue vary on the time and type of event.


The Matisse is the last of the three halls in The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan.

With an area of 530 square meters, the function hall can accommodate 330 guests at a time. Like the Monet and Picasso Events’ Halls, The Matisse is well-lit and equipped with four modern chandeliers. As the hall has a ceiling of 7.0 meters, couples are likewise given better leverage of how their ceiling works and decors will look. Adjacent to the Matisse Hall is its very own lounge and comfort room which couples can use to have their hair and makeup touchups or simply to relax. It may also serve as a holding area for other wedding suppliers. Apart from the five hours usage of the hall complete with air-conditioning as well as a two hour ingress and one hour egress, venue inclusions are the acrylic stage panels, electricity (up to 60 amperes), 5000 Lumens LCD projector with 10X13 screen, a back-up generator, caterer’s area, valet service and security, engineering maintenance staff during your event. The Matisse’s rental rates vary depending on the time and type of venue.

Couples who wish for bigger halls may opt to combine two venues or even all three venues to accommodate a bigger event and guest list. Aside from the venue inclusions, The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan offers an array of packages together with their partner caterers ensuring a complete and hassle-free wedding for the couple. The events’ space and venue likewise offer attractive rates for debut, birthday, corporate meeting, christening, etc. packages.


If you are looking for an ideal events place venue, here are the reasons why The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan should be your pick: 

The halls are spacious

As stated above, Filipinos have a knack for throwing big and elaborate celebrations and more often than not, this entails an expansive guest list. In this regard, looking for a venue that accommodates a lot of guests is key.

With The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan’s Monet, Picasso and Matisse Halls, throwing a big and elaborate event is very much possible. More importantly, venue halls can be combined to accommodate an even bigger party.

With The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan’s Halls, couples can throw a stress-free big celebration without compromising their and their guests’ comfort.


The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan is located at Robinsons Bridgetown Compound in Quezon City, making it one of the most accessible event places in Metro Manila.

As the area is near major thoroughfares, guests would not have a difficult time reaching their destination. Despite being located in a strategic, albeit busy, area of the city, The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan ensures the privacy of the events held within.

Ensconced in a peaceful area, couples need not worry about hearing noises from the outside during their event.

Unfussy Interiors

Today, weddings have personality and it is shown by the various themes incorporated and chosen by couples. As a result, themed weddings have become somewhat of a trend among modern couples which can range anywhere from classic to contemporary.

With The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan, the themed wedding of your dreams can easily come alive with its unfussy yet versatile interiors. While the interiors are elegant by itself, couples who wish to dress it up according to a theme can easily do so without too much of a hassle on their part.

Personalized Service

Aside from all of the venue inclusions in the package, couples who book The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan gets an events specialist assigned to them. T

his said specialist caters to all of the couple’s concerns and can count on them to meet all of their venue requirements for the big day.

To ensure a hassle-free event, The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan’s Venue Experience Department will ensure that the event goes without a hitch.

Reputable Suppliers

As The Blueleaf Group’s reputation is built on trust and impeccable service, The Blue Leaf holds its partner suppliers in the same standard they have set for themselves.

Couples who avail of the venue plus catering packages can be assured of its quality. Reputable suppliers such as caterers uphold the same standards as The Blue Leaf and thus ensuring that couples with discerning tastes are well catered to.