Behind the Scenes

July 3, 2017

We run through why wedding downtime is essential.

When we look back on weddings we’ve attended and when we inspect those dream weddings we’ve pinned up in our vision boards, we mostly see the picture-worthy parts… the walk down the aisle, the bouquet throw, the pretty wedding cake, the first dance, and even the reception set-up. And that’s really what a carefully planned, meticulously executed wedding ought to do—leave guests with a wonderful impression of how seamlessly everything goes.

Behind the scenes, however, all brides, grooms and wedding planners know that to stage the perfect party, it takes a village to get things looking great and running impeccably. Guests leave with lovely memories, but the people involved in a wedding know that a lot of hard work and downtime is necessary to make these celebrations go as flawlessly as possible.

Taking quick in-between breaks between all those major milestones is important for a number of reasons. Here’s why you need to pencil in some breathers in order to create a memorable wedding.

(1) Makeup runs. To get a flawless face at the wedding ceremony, you need over an hour to make sure your makeup is prepped properly. Touch-ups every couple of hours are important to ensure that your face stays fresh all day through. Always make sure you have a place to duck out during the reception to keep oiliness at bay and to keep your hair in place.

(2) Dress emergencies. Any number of accidents can happen while wearing a wedding gown or even while changing into your reception dress. Stepping on the veil and causing a rip, being unable to unzip or zip your bodice, to staining your immaculately white train with a soy sauce stain—these are all typical occurrences that one should be ready for. Having a holding area where you can combat any 911s with your entourage is key to getting things nipped in the bud.

(3) Rest area. There is no shortage of older family members, tantrum-throwing toddlers, and guests who feel poorly that need a break during the wedding. It’s considerate to offer them a comfortable place for them to sit and unwind away from the crowd allows them to rest, recover and recalibrate away from the hoopla of a wedding party.

A venue with a well-appointed powder room, a private rest area, or even a pretty powder room can help take care of all these concerns. Check out The Blue Leaf’s behind the scenes spaces and see how easy it is to take care of your much-needed wedding breaks when provided with the proper spaces.