Booths Done Better

August 1, 2017

What keeps kids coming back to classic carnivals, school fairs, and even arcades? The sheer fun of having their pick of the litter! Presenting kids with exciting and entertaining options that they can independently visit and shop around in gives them a mini “grown up” experience, all within the span of an hour or two. And who’s to say your kid’s children’s party can’t offer guests the same option?

Make your kiddie party pop with that same country fair feel by filling up your venue with creative booths and fair-style activities. Giving the kids (and the kids at heart) a variety of options to visit, try out, and go back to for ‘round two,’ will certainly add flavor to any event. Try these booth ideas on for size (and make sure your child gives you the thumbs up approval!).

DIY FOOD BOOTHS. Food carts are all the rage these days, with popcorn, French fries, and even designer coffee making an appearance in parties and events. Do these trendy food stalls one better and give guests a DIY option. A pick your own mix halo-halo booth or a shake your own fries corner can get budding kiddie chefs excited and involved. PS: Adults can have a mix your own cocktail bar too!

PERSONALIZE IT. Whether you hire an illustrator to do a quick fashion portrait (perfect for a runway-themed ‘do) or get your calligraphy expert cousin to monogram leather tag giveaways, giving guests an uber personal touch when it comes to gift items and goodie bags is always a great, heartfelt idea.

DRESS UP PHOTO BOOTH. Why stop at kooky headgear and funky props when it comes to the staple party photo booth? Pull in a drawer of costumes, hang them up on a reel and match them to your party theme. Encourage groups of kids to stage tableaus on camera and hold a photo contest at the end of the day to award the best vignette.

TINY TOTS CORNER. Are your kiddie guests bringing along siblings who are too young to appreciate the entire party? Set up a play place for the little ones so they can keep busy and safe while the party goes on. Have soft play toys, a small mat set-up and even a playpen or pillow fort to keep everything cozy and chilled out.

Photos: Google