Bridal Fair Non-Negotiables

September 1, 2017

The season of bridal fairs has begun! Get ready for the annual mad dash to the city’s most populated expos and trade halls. Weddings have certainly become big business for all the folks it takes to stage the perfect Big Day. It may get confusing to navigate your way through a maze of photographers, videographers, album crafters, caterers, and more, so it’ll do you well to keep yourself armed and well prepped.

After sifting through the forums and Facebook groups to get your friends’ trusted recommendations, arm yourself with these must-have traits as you survey the goods at this month’s bridal smorgasbord.

1.) PHOTOS (OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN). While a well-made signage and loud music might draw you to a photographer’s booth, you’re going to want to see the actual goods they have to offer. Ask to see a full-fledged portfolio, rather than skimming through a couple of okay-looking pre-nup layouts. The more photos you see, the better you’re able to gauge the range, style, and aptitude of your would-be wedding photographer. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.


2.) THUMBS UP FROM CLIENTS. No matter what type of supplier you’re looking for, testimonials and honest client feedback will back up their claim to being the best. Don’t just settle for the PR they’re handing out via freebies, goodie bags and brochures. It may be an arduous process to click on IG hashtags and sift through blogs, but comments straight from people who’ve had experience with your prospects can make or break someone who’s providing a service.

3.) PRESENTATION. The quickest way to sift through the flurry of set-ups and booths is to go straight for what grabs your eye first. More often than not, suppliers that can perfect the booth set-up will also be the most meticulous, craftiest providers for your wedding. Think of this as the ‘love at first sight’ element—the first glance says a lot, but you’ll have to do a little more probing to see if they’re really the one for you.

4.) ONE ON ONE CONTACT. No matter how savvy a supplier can get when it comes to websites, social media and web-based promotions, nothing can replace the trust that a good handshake and personal contact can provide. If your would be caterer, videographer, or venue has a personable rep and is someone who can answer your questions on the go, makes you feel well taken care of within the first few minutes of your interaction, and has an authentic way of speaking that doesn’t make you feel like they just want to make a sale (and fast), then you know you’ve got a winner.

5.) FOLLOW UP AND FOLLOW THROUGH. A good supplier knows that their interaction with you doesn’t just end upon the first meeting. If you’ve established a good rapport with someone during a bridal fair and receive a follow up text, email or call within the next few days, then you know your supplier is the type of person who takes good care of their clients. Keep your eyes peeled for folks who have a penchant for following up and following through.

Photos: Pinterest