Cater to your Conference

June 13, 2017

Plan a menu for a successful business event.

A lot goes on in business events, and it’s easy to let the menu slide down your list of priorities. With presentations, speeches, and team-building activities to take care of, it’s possible that the last thing on anyone’s mind is what’s on the menu. Despite that, a well-planned menu, appetizing food, and even a choice selection of beverages can be just the reviving, rejuvenating thing your event needs to keep everyone in high spirits all day.

If you’re planning on putting together a business event, whether it’s a sit down conference, a social party, or a morale-boosting occasion, keep these pointers in mind when assembling your menu.


(A) MORNING FARE. If you’ve ever been sent on a business trip and have had a buffet breakfast, you ought to be familiar with standard AM appetizers. Keep your menu filled with these goodies and you know you’ll be serving the most important meal of the day in style.

-Juice assortment

-Different types of bread – croissants, toast, muffins, pan de sal


-Cereal selection

-Scrambled Eggs

-Bacon, Sausage, Tapa, Corned Beef

-Potato or Sinangag

-Omelet and pancake stations

-Yogurt, granola and other toppings

-Coffee and tea


(B) IN-THEME MENU. If your event is molded after a particular theme (this is most relevant for seasonal meetings or team-building activities), it may be interesting to take your menu to the next level by adapting it to whatever you’re focusing on.

**Summer – fruit, cool salads, smoothies and shakes

**Hands-on activities, craft affairs – taco or Mongolian BBQ stations, mix your own drink bar

**Health and wellness event – DIY salads, vegan or vegetarian options, skewers and grilled items


(C) EASY TO EAT. If you’ve got a whole day filled with speakers, activities and the like, an easy-to-eat meat meal may be the perfect option for your company. Skip the buffet line and opt for packed or plated lunches and snack boxes instead.

**Box lunches are a more sophisticated spin on your standard school cafeteria tray. These are perfect for a half hour relegated for lunch.

**Plated service. A standard issue item for most caterers, this meal can take a little longer—1 to 1.5 hours, which can also encourage interaction among guests.

**Small bites and finger foods are great for a networking setup that will have everyone milling around and mingling.

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