Flair and Glamour: Seven Incredible Ways to Make Your Wedding Venue Stand Out

November 8, 2019

Planning your wedding is equally stressful as it is exciting.

As one half of the big day’s star, it is understandable to wish for your wedding day to be unique and stand out. With so many common trends among modern wedding days today, looking for ways to make your wedding distinct and memorable can be rather difficult. On your big day, you would want to make an impression on your guests and as much as possible, you can do this by injecting a wow effect to your venue.

Even if you wish to have a fairly traditional wedding day, there is still a myriad of inventive ways to make a splash on your big day. You can do this by inserting uncommon and personalized features and twists to your big day. Unfortunately, even if brides already have an idea of how they wish their wedding venue to look, they can get bogged down by the details and overwhelmed with the limitless choices. After all, you want everything to look perfect on your big day–from the ceremony chairs, lighting, table decorations to the finishing touches that add a dramatic flair. Not to worry though, if you do not wish to have another cookie-cutter wedding, you can start by hiring the right suppliers and vendors.

In this way, you can make your dream wedding day and customized wedding vision come to life. In any case, here is how you make your big day memorable and leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests:


Modern weddings have introduced the concept of the cocktail hour wherein guests are encouraged to stay in a closed-off area while light snacks and juices are served. 

While this tried and tested wedding concept is still relevant in today’s weddings, you can take it up a notch by adding a luxe reception lounge. Your luxe reception lounge can be a place where your guests a place to mingle in between dance breaks. 

Fill it up with couches, pillows and chairs where they can rest their feet. In this way, you can keep everyone in on the part even while they are resting. 

Moreover, it encourages them to mingle with other guests as well. If you truly wish to make an impression, section off the area with curtains to make your guests feel like they are VIPs at an event.


In lieu of having a cocktail hour which occurs right after the ceremony, why not hand out pre-ceremony cocktails as you are waiting to make your grand entrance? 

Your guests are not likely to expect any drinks until the reception, so it will come as a pleasant surprise that pre-ceremony cocktails will be handed out to them. 

However, be sure to serve only light drinks such as mimosas and fruit-infused iced teas which they can sip on as they are taking their seats as you do not want your guests to be sloshed even before the day begins.


Encourage your wedding guests to have a bigger role in the overall celebration by installing a DIY Flower Station at your wedding reception venue.  

In this way, wedding guests will feel that the big day is not only special for the bride and groom but to everyone as well. Have your guests stand out with their own personally made corsage or boutonniere. 

Ask your florist if it is possible to set up a DIY flower station and have them stock it with blooms such as mums, spray roses, daisies and the like. 

Upgrade the station by adding supplies of pins and colourful ribbons. Do not forget to add labels with instructions so as to guide your guests.



If you think that mobile bars or cocktail stations are seemingly commonplace additions in wedding receptions, you might want to consider the alternative: a booze barrow. Think of a booze barrow as a more aesthetic alternative to the usual mobile bar. 

Make it more inviting by turning what would be a straightforward container into a galvanized pail decorated with flowers to cool your drinks. Fill it with ice and ask your caterer to regularly check out the stock and if the pail is still filled with bottles of bubbly. 

In this way, you do not have to hire a bartender and your wedding guests are free to help themselves to cocktails and drinks whenever they wish.




While wedding guest books are common additions in wedding receptions, think beyond the conventional guest book found in most weddings. 

Today, there is a myriad of creative alternative you can consider. 

You can either ask your guests to sign silver trays with engraving pens so as to leave you a lasting message on a useful keepsake or create a jigsaw puzzle of your photo and have them sign each individual piece.



Weddings are pretty 

Your first dance as a couple should be memorable not only for you and your husband but to your wedding guests as well. As one of the highlights of your wedding, make your first dance extra-special and possibly inject some entertainment value to it. In this way, not only would your wedding guests enjoy it, but it would make for truly beautiful photo ops as well.




 In lieu of the typical photo booth, install a video confessional booth to put a spin on a tried wedding trend. Rent out a video booth where your wedding guests can record a short but memorable on-screen message for you.

You can then have your videographer edit some of the best clips and include it in your wedding video. Alternatively, you can collect all of the messages and have them played at the very end of the wedding program for you and your guests to see.