Holiday Ready Menu

October 15, 2017

Stumped about what to include in your holiday menu? Big Banquet big guns Bizu, Juan Carlo and Passion Cooks have got you covered. These three award-winning partner caterers offer up some delectable dishes to keep your bellies happy and your guests overjoyed all through the season of parties, weddings and reunions.



2017’s first prize winner at The Blue Leaf’s, The Big Banquet 5 suggests rich, hearty treats that up the ante on comfort food.

(1) Baked Salmon Rockefeller. Norweigan salmon is layered with creamy spinach and topped with a parmesan mornay sauce. A staple at every Christmas buffet or dinner party.

(2) Smoked Salmon Caviar. This savory pie sets the bar for luxurious appetizers.

(3) Ten-Hour Roast Beef. Bizu’s most talked about dish, this melt in your mouth US Beef Belly roast goes through a complex 10-hour process to ensure that every ounce of goodness is sealed in. The dish comes with crunchy vegetables and a creamy mushroom sauce.


The second runner up at this year’s Big Banquet assembles a full range of dishes that is sure to complete your buffet needs.

(1) Lengua Cecilia. A family heirloom recipe, this ox tongue based dish is cooked four hours for extra tenderness and is coupled with a creamy mushroom sauce.

(2) Calderetang Batangas. Marrying Spanish influence and Filipino flavors, this dish is a wonderfully flavorful, spicy and meaty addition to your menu.

(3) Salmon with Tequila Cream Sauce. Pan-grilled with a thick and creamy tequila sauce, this fish option is served with lime juice and chili.

(4) Creamy Pumpkin Soup. A rich puree made from real squash, this soup is made extra special with onion, fresh herbs, cream and truffle oil.

(5) Fresh Pasta with Wild Mushroom Sauce. Fresh pasta is accompanied by a mélange of Portobello, fresh shiitake and button mushrooms, with a luscious and creamy sauce.



Big Banquet’s third runner up, Passion Cooks, says “The perfect holiday menu excites the palate. It gives you a sense of familiarity, then surprises you with bold and unique flavors. It is comprised of dishes everyone can love and enjoy.”

(1) Truffle and Portobello Gnocchi, Slow Cooked Roast Beef. Tender beef is accompanied by a flavorful mushroom pasta.

(2) Pili Crusted Soft Shell Crab, Aligue and Sili Ice Cream. A light seafood dish balances out a uniquely spicy sweet treat.

(3) Faux Butterfinger. Because no meal is complete without dessert!

(4) Mint Cucumber with Berry Cubes. A refreshing way to cleanse your palate.

Photos courtesy of: Bizu, Juan Carlo, Passion Cooks