Host with the Most

June 14, 2017

How a professional host can do your event good.

Got some room in your budget to spend on your reception? You may want to consider spending your hard-earned money on an experienced host instead of relegating your program to a friend or acquaintance. A professional host goes beyond knowing how to speak well, cracking a good joke or two over the course of the night, or even on some occasions, being able to deliver a song or speaking in Chinese. Apart from good food, great service, and perfectly planned seating arrangements, a good host can make or break your reception. Here’s why:

(1) Sorted sequences. Instead of having a mishmash of videos, toasts and roasts, and performances, a host knows how to synergize the night’s events. Putting a program in order despite glitches, tech emergencies and surprises (relatives who suddenly want to hog the mic, a DJ that doesn’t show up, or catering glitches) can fall on the host. Someone with experience can smooth out glitches without a hitch.

(2) Easy coordination. An experienced host doesn’t just rely on himself or herself for a successful program. Hosts are able to connect immediately with a wedding planner, band or DJ, videographer, photographers and even the wait staff in order to make sure that everything from the announcement of photo ops with the couple to open bar all connect cohesively.

(3) Creative direction. Whether it’s managing good blocking (where to pose the bride and groom, and how to sweep through a room for optimum video coverage), a good host takes care of how everything appears—not just for the cameras but also for the guests, who are technically, a reception’s “audience.”

(4) Game mastery. Modern times have taken the traditional garter and bouquet tosses and spun them into a hundred variations. A professional host is able to recommend games and run them so that guests aren’t running out the door before they’re called to participate.

(5) Time management. Nobody appreciates a wedding reception that drones on ‘til the high of the evening expires. A professional host knows how to wrap things up, to move things so that the program runs like clockwork, and to make sure that everyone is engaged, excited and interested all throughout.