10 Kiddie Party Entertainment Ideas for the Stressed Moms

January 18, 2019

Planning a party is downright exhilarating especially for moms. That’s a fact regardless of hiring a party planner or coordinator. One of the common questions is: how can we keep the kids entertained?

Did you know that the normal attention span of children ages 5 to 6 years old is around 10 to 15 minutes? They can only attend to an activity that interests them. The child must also be able to filter out distractions occurring in the environment.

Now that’s quite a guideline to follow!

To answer the questions, moms, you have several options. You need to find the ones that can really up the entertainment ante such as the below.

Bear in mind that your choices must depend on the kiddie party theme.

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1) Clowns or circus performers

One, you can never go wrong with clowns. Two, a lot of people – kids included – expect to see them at the party. The same old tricks are still appreciated although some modern clowns have their own takes on tricks. The best clowns are those who can teach the kids a trick or two.

Circus performers vary, but the most common are unicyclists, gymnasts, hoopers, jugglers, pantomimers, and aerial dancers.

2) Magicians

Some clowns double as magicians. On the other hand, some performers specialize in the craft. The simplest of magic tricks can delight the kids. One more thing, if the celebrator can be a part of the finale, that’s a great way to end the performance.

3) Princesses

Live princesses, as if taken out from Disney movies, are all the rave right now. What’s good about them is the relative flexibility of choosing which garbed up princesses you would want to see on your child’s birthday party. Elsa and Anna and Belle are the popular choices.

4) Superheroes

For the boys, the favorite superheroes are a perfect choice. Bonus points if Superman can pull a trick or Spiderman can throw webs from his wrist. Again, this may depend on the party theme.

5) Puppeteers or ventriloquists

Puppet shows are a creative showcase to the kids. The same goes for the ventriloquists. However, the one that really steals the show is when nobody else has seen the characters. On the other hand, well-loved well-known characters almost always do the trick.

6) Balloon twisters

Kids line up for balloons. They don’t care how it looks for as long as they are holding a balloon, it’s fine with them. Plus points if the child can see how the balloon came to life, throwing questions back and forth what the twister is doing actually.

7) Face painters

Almost a classic, the painter can transform the kids’ faces into someone or something they like. This is a hit because it makes the kids an important part of the celebration.

8) Storytellers

Rare are those who are skilled in bringing the story to life. These storytellers can hold the attention of all kids by their use of exaggerated voices and actions and props too. How the story ends is always worth the wait.

9) Tattooists

Temporary tattoos are the closest the kids in wanting to portray a character. Tattoo artists particularly aimed for children’s parties can design or use elements consistent with your theme.

10) DJs

While it depends on the age of the kids, a DJ can always lighten up the mood. A Disney playlist tends to please the crowd more especially the famous ones.

Any mom who has ever organized a kiddie party knows the stress levels involved in from planning to executing the bash. Keep your crowd amused by these entertainment ideas. You don’t have to choose everything, of course; only the ones with a theme fit.