Of Events and Occasions: Six Ways to Throw a Fantastic Party

March 30, 2020


Throwing a party might sound easy to some people. To party people, throwing a party is so easy  insomuch that they can even do it in their sleep.

However, while throwing a party might sound as easy as simply assembling people, having a venue and arranging for meals, throwing an epic party is totally different. Epic parties are not just simple gatherings for celebrations and occasions–no, epic parties are those events that stay imprinted on your memory forever. Legendary and fantastic parties set the bar higher and in turn, people who have attended them tend to compare all future celebrations to that one distinct event.

Throwing an extraordinary party that everyone can commit to memory is an art form–a feat not everyone can pull off. After all, not everyone has the vision nor the capability of handling and planning a killer event. However, this is not to say that you cannot throw an excellent killer party on your own. With a little help and some tips from the party experts, you can host an event or a celebration that everyone would wish they were invited to.

Here are some tips to spice things up on your next party event:

1.) Choose a good location


Before anything else, bear in mind that the success of your party depends on where you choose to host it. You might have all the elements necessary to throw a fantastic bash but if you are hosting an event in an inaccessible location, people will likely pass up the chance of going to your party.

 In this regard, choose a location where your attendees can easily get to such as one that is located in the city. One such example is The Blue Leaf Pavilion Events Pavilion which is located in Taguig–an accessible location for your guests.


2.) Create a party atmosphere


You should be able to create an atmosphere wherein your guests would leave wanting to tell their friends about the experience they had. In this regard, it is imperative that you create a mood that everyone can enjoy. 

More importantly, book entertainment that is sure to keep your guests involved, engaged and entertained. Once you do, your guests are sure to enjoy your party so much that they would not want to leave it.

3.) Introduce something new



People love something new–particularly if they have been to a lot of parties with common trends insomuch that it can feel a little bit monotonous. In this regard, it is imperative to introduce something fresh to your event. 

Think of unconventional, bold and daring concepts that your guests are going to love. Incorporate it into your party and your guests will certainly appreciate the effort.

4.) Think of a theme


While themed parties might sound tacky to some, themes can be rather useful in ensuring that every single element in the party is in harmony. Similarly, having a theme makes for a more cohesive party planning as it significantly reduces your options in terms of party favors, food and the like. 

Going with a theme is also an excellent idea for those who cannot think of something new to introduce to their parties. In this regard, you might just want to base your event on a theme. Apart from having all the aspects of your party in cohesion, a theme gives your party a certain edge and it makes people excited. 

It makes your party stand out because it is different and more often than not, people would like to join in. Go bold with your themes and choose something that resonates with your personality.

5.) Inspire your guests


Of course, a little inspiration can go a long way for your guests. Make them interested and excited for your event and you can be assured of an event that is well-attended. Open their eyes to the possibility of a party with new and fresh things or give them an intriguing theme to follow and serve as an inspiration. 

However, be sure not to give too much away and keep some of the aspects of your party as a surprise. You want to make an impression on your guests and the best way to do this is to tease them bit by bit with little information tidbits about your event without telling them the entire thing. 

With that in mind, you are guaranteed of excited guests who more than look forward to attending what you have in store for them.

6.) Offer a variety of activities Text Here


To ensure that your guests do not grow bored midway through your program, give them something to do. Keep them engaged and entertained with different activities for them to try. An excellent idea is to add in games, a dance floor with a DJ and a bar. 

Keep the drinks flowing and the music playing to keep your guests engaged. Also, bear in mind that your guests should have enough comfortable places to sit, chat and mingle with each other. 

However, do take note that while incorporating activities and games are a fun way to keep your guests engaged, no one should be forced to participate. Have them join in the fun on their own without pressure from you.

7.) Send out quirky invitations



Regardless of how you choose to send out your invitations (whether online or snail mail), make sure it includes a little preview of what your invited guests can expect from your party.

 Do not be afraid to explore your creativity and make the invitations as fun and memorable as your event will be. 

Remember, your invitation serves as a sneak preview to your event! Make sure it does not look boring.

A good and fantastic party is the result of superb planning and a bit of luck. Keep in mind that to make your party a little more memorable, you should think of your guests and what they want. Once you have nailed that down along with the tips written above, your party is sure to be a magical and memorable experience for your guests.