Planning Your Wedding in Six Months and Under

September 2, 2019


Filipinos put so much importance on weddings that we sometimes assume you need at a full year to throw a proper party. Not true. It’s possible to put together an intimate, meaningful, and beautiful celebration. If you’re in a time crunch but are totally committed to making your wedding as memorable as possible, these tips may help you keep your head above water.

Go ready to wear. Who has time for the nitty gritty of bespoke pieces? Check out specialty retailers for gowns, entourage dresses, and suits instead of having everything custom made. You cut down on time and on cost.

Skip the paper. Send out save the dates and invites electronically instead of going through the tedious process of designing, printing, mailing, and collecting RSVPs. E-vites don’t just help cut down on your carbon footprint, they’re much more efficient than paper, too.

Go for a venue that can put it all together for you. Instead of picking a venue, meeting a separate caterer, going to someone else for your cake, hit all the stones you need to hit in one go. This doesn’t just cut down on your logistics, it will also ease the planning process because you only need to talk to and negotiate with a single point person.

Save the honeymoon for later. Why settle for a honeymoon to a so-so destination now, when you can save up for a bigger and better trip in the future? Postponing the honeymoon for a later time will help keep you focused on the party itself and ease the pressure.

Be cutthroat when making decisions. Keep your eyes on the prize instead of flip-flopping between all the options available to you. Nothing beats being decisive when you need to get things done on a tight timeline and budget.

Photos: Pinterest