Joyous Occasions: Five Reasons to Choose Blueleaf Cosmpolitan as Your Next Events Place

December 9, 2019

Organizing an event has never been considered an easy task. 
Apart from ensuring that everything goes according to plan, you are constantly confronted by a myriad of decisions to make. Of all the decisions to be made, selecting a venue for an event is pivotal to the success of your event. Where you choose to hold your event is an integral part of event planning, and it has a significant impact on how your event will go. More importantly, your venue determines the logistics of your event, your catering options, and the kind of experience your attendees will have. 
While all of that might sound just a tad bit intimidating, know that as long as you plan accordingly and explore your options, there is little to nothing left for you to be worried about. To have a semblance of timeliness in planning the logistics of your event, start looking for your venue as early as possible based on your understanding of these three critical things:  budget, estimated event size and space requirements. It is recommended that you book your venue at least 4-6 months in advance to ensure that you get it on the date of your event as well as give you enough time to plan the other aspects of your event. If you have been wondering where you should book your venue, Blueleaf Cosmopolitan has been making rounds online as to one of the best cities for any kind of event—be it a wedding, a debut or any sort of gathering at all. Located in Quezon City, this event reception venue is situated smack dab in the middle of a busy metropolis Metro Manila. As a result, it should come as no wonder why many event organizers and engaged couples would consider and choose Blueleaf Cosmpolitan as their reception venue for an event. 
As Quezon City is a busy city plagued with traffic onslaughts daily, convenience and accessibility are pivotal factors in deciding where an event should be held. With that in mind, Blueleaf Cosmopolitan easily became a favorite among engaged couples and a premier choice among event organizers as it is located within the Ortigas Central Business District.

Known to be their most captivating venue yet, Quezon City’s Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is known to be one of Metro Manila’s most stylish reception venues. And with three customizable ballrooms for clients to book, the place easily affords event organizers and engaged couples wide leverage in dressing up their event in whatever theme they find suitable. To know why Blueleaf Cosmopolitan remains as one of Quezon City’s best, here are some of the compelling reasons why it is and why this is where your next event should be:

1.) Location (Events Venue in Quezon City)

One of the initial things to consider in booking an appropriate venue is the location. If you want your event to be well-attended then you best book a venue that is in proximity or within a reasonable distance from most of your attendees’ homes or places of work. 

As Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is located in Quezon City and within Ortigas Central Business District, it is in proximity to most cities in Metro Manila. Apart from being located in the heart of the city, Blueleaf’s prime location allows your guests and attendees to weave in and out of traffic without running the risk of being late. More importantly, Blueleaf Cosmopolitan has a myriad of nearby churches. 

In this regard, couples who wish to have a church wedding ceremony can significantly reduce the time needed to transport wedding guests from the church to the venue. More importantly, The Bluealeaf Cosmopolitan has a spacious parking area that can easily accommodate the vehicles of attendees. 

With that said, this events venue in Quezon City is a premier choice for soon-to-be-wed couples.

2. Competitive Package and Rates

Selecting The BlueLeaf Cosmopolitan as your next event’s place means having access to competitive rates and a myriad of packages. The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan comes with three halls (MonetPicasso, and Matisse). Each hall can accommodate up to 330 guests and can be combined to accommodate an even bigger number of attendees. 

All three halls can be customized which gives event organizers the liberty of dressing up the venue according to their vision or theme in mind. Engaged couples who wish to book The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan will also find that the venue has a range of wedding packages available at very competitive rates depending on the number of attendees. Their packages cover all kinds of special events–from weddings, debuts to corporate gatherings.

 As Blueleaf Cosmopolitan’s packages are inclusive (venue, catering and all other event essentials your event might possibly need), you can be assured of stress and hassle-free event planning. 

3.) Convenience


Perhaps one of the best reasons why booking your event in The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is a good idea is the convenience it affords you and your attendees. Apart from not having to drive far just to reach the place (and contend with horrendous traffic while at it), booking your event in The Blueleaf Cosmpolitan means you get easy access to innumerable suppliers for your event’s needs. 

Should your event have any more needs that are not included in Blueleaf Cosmopolitan’s packages, it would be easy to find a supplier who can furnish your event’s essentials in a metropolis such as Quezon City.  In this regard, you would not have to go through the hassle of booking a supplier from a neighbouring city and have them go all the way to The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan to do a routine check and survey of the area. 

However, even if you did book a supplier from a neighbouring city, The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is pretty much located in one of the busiest and prime areas of Metro Manila that driving to and from the venue should not prove to be too much of a hassle.

4.) Accessibility

Another good reason to book your next event in The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is the city’s accessibility to practically everything you and your attendees might need.

 Apart from having access to a wide range of suppliers in the area, your guests will also have access to nearby entertainment pit stops should they wish to end the evening with a nightcap or grab a late-night snack. 

More importantly, as The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is located in a perpetually busy district, it would be easy to find something to do after your event has reached its conclusion. In this regard, you can be assured that your party can last the whole night if you wish to continue it somewhere else once your event has wrapped up.


5.) Ambiance

As The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is one of Quezon City’s premier reception venues, it is inevitable for most event organizers to book their events here.

 In this regard, you can be assured that Blueleaf refined their services—events venue and spaces included–to better cater to their clientele. As a result, The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is a sleek events venue with a modern twist. More importantly, the overall ambience of the place makes it fitting for any kind of event. 

As event organizers are given free rein to dress The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan’s halls according to their theme or however they like, events can be as lavish or as simple as they wish it to be. In fact, The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is characterized by two things: sleek stylishness and modern ambiance. 

Combined, these two factors leave you assured that your guests will leave having a good time regardless of whatever kind of event you might be hosting. 

As The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan is fairly new opening just last September 2016, event organizers can be assured of facilities that are new and working with most of them not having to experience the brunt of the wear and tear process.


While there may be a lot to consider in booking a venue if you wish to find a venue that has it all, look no further than The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan in Quezon City. Just be sure to plan your event well and accordingly and the rest will fall into place. With the Blueleaf Cosmopolitan as your partner, you can make the event of your dreams come to life, however you like!