Reception Round Up

October 1, 2017

Hitting a roadblock when it comes to food service? We run down some fun food options that you can pick and choose from to create the reception that fits your personal style.

AMERICAN SERVICE. This sit-down dinner is reserved for formal occasions. All meals are plated, with different courses portioned out to fit a single plate. Less fussy than having your pasta, steak, and fish brought out separately, this type of dinner service gets an A+ in efficiency and saves you a lot of time (which can have a big bearing on your budget!).

ENGLISH SERVICE. Imagine Downton Abbey, done right at your wedding. Servers bring out large dishes on silver platters (this type of service is also known as “silver service) and cater to each guest individually. Best for smaller, more intimate gatherings, it may take a lot of time but brings a highly personalized feel to your event.

RUSSIAN SERVICE. The opposite of American Service, service à la russe tackles every course separately rather than all together. There may be a wait between your intermezzo and your risotto since food is mostly brought out to serve everyone at the table at the same time (blame the stragglers for the delay!).

FRENCH SERVICE. Similar to family dining but with some French flair, this traditional type of service has servers bringing out all the food and presenting them on the table at the same time. Guests, essentially, are responsible for serving themselves family-style… but expect more intricate, more photo-ready styling.

 DINNER BUFFET. Casual and easy, this type of service encourages guests to do it themselves. A long table is laid out with chafing dishes housing a variety of dishes, while guests are called by table to take their turn at the food. This type of service offers the widest variety of food, but is low on the sophistication scale.

FOOD STATION. If you’re jonesing for a ‘fair’ atmosphere at your casual wedding, having several food stations throughout your venue may be the option for you. Still following the general arrangement of a buffet, but with several stations placed strategically throughout the venue, presenting specifically themed menus and even décor. If you’ve ever been a guest at The Blue Leaf’s Big Banquet, this is exactly the type of service you can expect from having food stations.1