Rock the Corporate Spirit

April 10, 2017

Top 3 reasons it’s great to take your team out of the office.

Battling the everyday hustle—this is one of the most common situations people working in an organization faces. Even when productivity is on the up and up, clocking into the same environment day in and day out can raise a sense of ennui and ultimately affect the quality of one’s output. Most corporate structures have found that changing a team’s environment every now and again gives people something to look forward to. Creating out of office team building activities helps get everyone’s heads out of the “same old same old” and into new mindsets that can spark better and brighter change.

If you’ve been considering bringing your own team outside their cubicles, take these three reasons to move them to a different location, and think about getting everyone to rock their roles in the workplace better than ever.

Address the work-life balance. Burnout is certainly a big risk factor when it comes to working your people hard. While you’re focused on getting results within a set timeframe, piling on the pressure can lower employee’s productivity by and large. Getting out of the office is a fun way to beat exhaustion. It’s like providing the team with a mini-break so that they can recharge for the long run.

Boost brainpower. Providing your employees with a change in scenery gives their brains more stimuli to deal with. A 2010 New York Times report shows that the brain links any new information it receives with equally new stimuli, making a person’s ability to retain this new information much more potent when it’s given in a new environment. Getting out of the office means allowing your team to absorb any new information you’re dishing out more effortlessly.

Offer shared experiences. The ability of a team to work together as a group depends a lot on the activities they experience collectively. Pooling a department of your company out of their everyday offices and into a brand new location gives them something to commune over—something to talk about and engage in together. Employees who are able to interact and connect outside the office are most likely more able to work more productively together and can stay happier as a group.

Taking your team outside the office is a cost-effective, high impact way of upping their game so that everyone stays happy. It provides employees with an opportunity to expand their day-to-day environment and offers the company a team that delivers better results in better time.


Photo: Google