The Blue Leaf Pavilion: Best Wedding Venue in Taguig

April 2, 2020

There has never been any doubt that one of the most important tasks in wedding planning involves choosing the appropriate place to hold your event.

To ensure the smooth flow of every single aspect of your wedding event, it is imperative that you choose only the best wedding venue available to you. With this in mind, you ought to sit down with your partner and take a gander at your prospective wedding venue options. However, while sifting through your potential options, bear in mind that the success and failure of your event is often hinged on the kind of venue you have booked. More importantly, where you choose to have your event often determines how many of your guests can come and if they can come at all. For this reason, deciding on a wedding venue is often a paramount decision that requires you and your partner’s keen collaboration. Luckily, one of the best perks about living in the capital city is having the best options available at your disposal. Having a wealth of venue options, albeit overwhelming, allows you to book the venue that suits your wedding event best. However, be careful not to be arbitrary about your choices considering your myriad of options as it is recommended that you go with the venue that meets the specific needs of your event.

With all that in mind, choosing an events’ venue with an already established name in the industry is recommended. Apart from guaranteeing quality assurance as well as being a trusted supplier, established events’ venues are ones that you can trust to deliver. One of the established names in the industry is The Blue Leaf Events Spaces. Conceptualized in 2004 where venue options were limited (apart from hotels and resorts), The Blue Leaf brand has become synonymous with joyous occasions and celebrations that are distinctly beautiful. As one of the forerunners in providing clients with customization flexibility in their venues, The Blue Leaf is considered as one Metro Manila’s premier suppliers. The Blue Leaf Events Spaces is known for providing that elegant yet personal and intimate feel in their event spaces–catering guests anywhere from 50-500 guests. Throughout their years in service, the brand has consistently addressed the needs of their clients and adequately provided the demand for sophisticated and elegant venues. At The Blue Leaf, events can capitalize on luxurious glamour that would certainly impress guests.

With the brand’s unbeatable service complemented with accessible location, competitive price and luxe interiors, it is no wonder why it has remained as a premier choice among engaged couples. One of its venue places, The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, has built a solid reputation among wedding organizers, coordinators and the marrying crowd themselves. As a result, it is considered as one of the best wedding venues in Taguig. To know why The Blue Leaf Pavilion remains as one of the trusted names in the industry, take a gander at the list below:

The pavilions have more than enough room for you and your guests

Filipinos enjoy big revelries insomuch that any kind of major event would warrant a guest list of more than a hundred people. In this regard, it is imperative to book an events venue supplier that has event spaces big enough to accommodate all of your guests. The Blue Leaf’s pavilions named Banyan, Silk and Jade can accommodate 300, 250 and 200 guests respectively–perfect for large-scale grand celebrations with an extensive guest list. Moreover, couples who wish to have an even grander and bigger event can opt to join two pavilions (such as Banyan and Jade) to accommodate a bigger party. Additionally, couples may opt to book the adjoining hall for their buffet set-up to ensure that they can have that grand and big celebration without compromising their wedding attendees’ comfort. As each pavilion has a receiving area, couples can opt to designate their cocktail area at the receiving area if they wish to maximize their booked pavilion’s space.

It is in an accessible location

As the first event’s venue of The Blue Leaf, The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion is situated in an area that is easily accessible. It is located in McKinley Hill, Taguig City and has hosted quite a number of celebrations as of today. It is within proximity to major thoroughfares ensuring that wedding guests of the couples can easily reach the area without having to book a special coaster service to bring them to and from the reception venue.

Couples are assured of privacy

The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion, albeit located in an accessible and busy area, ensures their clients’ privacy. Indeed, while it is located in a strategic location and nearby major thoroughfares, the venue assures clients and their guests of privacy as it is within a peaceful area. In this regard, you would not have to worry about noises from cars outside while you are having a wedding inside.

Customizable and unfussy interiors

.With themed weddings being an all-time trend these days, event spaces that allow customization are imperative among the marrying crowd. Some of the themes couples come up with range from contemporary to classic, rustic to romantic and the like. In this regard, couples would need a wedding venue that can complement their chosen theme and would allow them to make the necessary personalization and customization to an area. Luckily, The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion adequately addresses this need with their unfussy but elegant interiors. With each pavilion’s sophisticated interiors, couples are given liberty to dress up the area as they wish and depending on the theme that reflects their personality.

Ample parking space for everyone

An events’ venue may be the best and render quality service but if it does not have enough parking space for everyone, it is going to be an inconvenience to you and your wedding guests. As one of the major concerns of anyone attending a wedding, parking should also be an imperative aspect in determining which events’ venue to book. Luckily, The Blue Leaf is equipped with a parking area for your guests and offers complimentary valet services so that your guests can leave their cars with the valet and head straight to your party without being late to the festivities.

They offer attractive and competitive packages

Planning a wedding can indeed be overwhelming considering that you have several tasks to do at one time. Fortunately, The Blue Leaf company has the foresight to provide couples with a myriad of attractive packages that come with several inclusions. These packages offer value for money as it includes catering, decor, cake, lights and sounds, photo booth and in some packages, even the hotel accommodations. In this regard, planning a wedding would not only be expedient but convenient as well ensuring that couples need not look for and coordinate with various suppliers just to fill their wedding essentials.

Couples can book any supplier (except for non-partner caterers) without having to pay corkage fees.

As a financially savvy couple, it is imperative to ensure that you know where your budget is going. Unfortunately, most couples overlook the additional fees they have to fork up should they wish to bring in suppliers that are not accredited by their venue supplier. For this reason, The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion presents a very attractive opportunity to couples wherein they can book and bring any supplier they wish without having to worry about the extra expenses on corkage. So, if you have a particular mobile bar in mind or a photo booth you wish to book, go ahead and book them as it would not cost you extra.

The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion has reputable partner suppliers

As The Blue Leaf capitalizes on quality service, it is only inevitable for them to partner with reputable suppliers to ensure you get the dream wedding that you deserve. The Blue Leaf’s partner suppliers uphold the same standards guaranteeing reliability and quality. In this regard, packages you avail of would not only offer you value you for your money but quality service as well. With a sophisticated venue and trusted suppliers, c

You can enjoy personalized service

To ascertain that everything goes accordingly as planned and to make wedding planning a little easier and more convenient, The Blue Leaf assigns an Events Specialist to you upon inquiring. You can rely on them to meet your specific venue requirements for your wedding day. More importantly, should you have any concerns and questions, your Events Specialist would be able to address them for you. Apart from that, The Blue Leaf assigns an Venue Experience staff on the day of your event to make sure that everything goes smoothly.