Top 5 Wedding Safety Rules

September 15, 2017

For Filipinos, no occasion brings together as many people from all parts of your life than a wedding does. Not only do entire clans come together, but so do contacts from every workplace tacked on to your CV, and all the friends from grade school to university and post-grad. Making sure that everything runs smoothly is only the first part of putting a wedding together. Another priority you’ve got to add on to your growing list of To Do’s is to make sure that everyone stays safe, secure and protected during your big event.

While the last thing a bride and groom will want to do on their wedding or reception is make sure that nothing is stolen or that the kids are kept under the watchful of eyes of their guardians and even the assigned security detail, finding venues and locations that ensure your security is covered can give you the peace of mind you need. Run through these top 5 safety rules that are must-haves for any big event.

1.) VALET. To avoid any foibles and arguments over parking spaces, make sure that your reception is situated in a place that has a valet taking care of the cars for you. Battling it out for a good parking slot is practically a daily ordeal for most Pinoys—save your guests from the hassle of securing a safe spot by providing assigned drivers who can manage their cars without any problems.

2.) SECURITY. The challenge with guests who bring their own cars doesn’t just end with parking. It’s also important for them to feel that their belongings and vehicles are safe wherever they’re parked. Having a roving guard throughout the night can help secure the grounds and keep everyone covered.

3.) WELL-PLACED EXITS. Building regulations require all structures to provide entrances that double as exits, as well as fire escapes. When going through your list of possible venues, make sure to test the door swings (they should swing both ways to ensure the proper in and outflow of people) and ascertain the positions of fire exits. You want to make sure that at any place in your ballroom, hall or function room, your guests will be able to make a go for it in case of emergencies.

4.) FIRST AID. It’s not top of mind when planning a wedding (or planning for any event, for the most part), but it’s always good practice to ask for the availability of first aid. Venues that are situated close to hospitals with a good reputation get bonus points, of course.

5.) EXPERT HANDLERS. If you’re planning to put on a fireworks show, have a performance that could involve some potentially dangerous materials (a makeshift fish pond, for example, can turn your venue into a disaster zone), or even employ a drone to get full coverage of your event, you want to make sure that you have people who are in the know handling your wedding. Spare no expense when it comes to any possible hazards and keep everyone safe and sound.