True Blue Style

December 1, 2017

Over the years, The Blue Leaf name has become synonymous with celebrations that are impeccably beautiful and tasteful yet personal and intimate at the same time. How to toe that line between a party that’s all glitz and glamour, and one that keeps a sacred connection between celebrators and their guests, amidst all the finery and decor? Keeping a special, personal touch high up on your priority list will leave you with a celebration that’s worth remembering (for all the right reasons!).

(1) Highlight the big moments. A couple’s first dance, a bride’s father’s speech, or even a fun and irreverent entourage introduction—these moments are all sure to leave lasting impressions. Making time for these moments is key. Not only do they mark how special a certain occasion is, they also pay respect to everyone who’s played a big part in putting together an extra special day.

(2) Leave room for the unexpected. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a party special. How the groom playfully trips right before the first dance, the tears that fall down a grandmother’s face, or a niece’s first walk (or crawl!) down the aisle as a flower girl. Make way for the big moments by planning for them, but realize that sometimes, the most memorable parts of a party are those that come unplanned.

(3) Follow your instincts. You can subscribe to all the trend forecasts or be keyed into all the relevant hashtags that have to do with party planning. At the end of the day, the best parties are those that are crafted according to your own creativity, inventiveness and preferences.

(4) Cherish relationships over everything else. Appearances, décor and aesthetics make a huge impact on any party, but at the heart of every celebration are the friendships and connections that take part in it.

(5) Enjoy the moment. Everyone wants to perfectly capture their special days, but looking back on a photo is never the same as savoring the present moment as it happens. Lose yourself in the now.