Unconventional Weddings: Alternative Venues for the Offbeat Bride and Groom

December 10, 2019

Wedding planning takes a lot of work.


There are several things you need to check off your wedding checklist, but if there is anything you need to attend to first, it should be deciding where your wedding venue should be.  Determining where you want to get married is one of the initial steps to take when you put your wedding plans to action. However, despite the innumerable wedding venue options couples seem to have nowadays, choosing where to hold a wedding is not as easy and straightforward as most couples would want it to be.

Indeed, soon-to-wed couples are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of options at their disposal. But while selecting a wedding venue can often be difficult, choosing one that is offbeat and unconventional makes the endeavor even more of a challenge. Sure, selecting a wedding venue that does not typically conform to the standard of traditional weddings may significantly pare down your options, but that does not make it any easier. For one, it is quite difficult to find a wedding venue that is not only unconventional but is fitting to the kind of theme you have in mind.


Fortunately, modern non-traditional couples are blessed with the gift of technology insomuch that it only takes a few hours of research to find the ideal venue for the kind of offbeat wedding you have in mind. However, when it comes to nonconformist wedding venues, always bear in mind to think out of the box and as much as possible, inject creativity. For the non-traditional soon-to-wed couples, weddings do not have to be constrained to grand ballrooms, halls, gardens, and beach venues.  You can tie the knot in the most unexpected place and yet, they will find no better place than the one they have found.


Non-traditional wedding venues are ones that encourage couples to incorporate their passions, hobbies, and personality. More importantly, it is one that compels them to plan a completely unique and memorable experience for themselves and their wedding guests. These wedding venues run the gamut from AirBnB rentals to remote farmlands and even national monuments. With a touch of inspiration complemented by creativity, having the unconventional wedding of your dreams is very much possible.


To help inspire your search for non-traditional wedding venues, this article has curated a list of some of the most atypical wedding venues.

1.) Festival

The best thing about getting married at a festival is that you hardly ever need to decorate. With all the existing streamers and decorations a festival usually has, all you really need to do is add a few personal touches to make it uniquely yours. 

More importantly, the Philippines has a myriad of festivals with each of them unique and distinct to the city they are celebrated at. Festival weddings are ideal for couples who wish to elope or host an intimate wedding with a limited number of guests. 

In this way, you no longer need to provide entertainment for your guests, as they can bask in the festival revelry after you have tied the knot.

2.) Surprise

Surprise weddings are quite difficult to pull off as it requires meticulous planning wherein your wedding guests are caught by surprise To pull off a successful surprise wedding, it requires you and your partner to plan an event in the guise of an engagement or birthday party. 

Prior to the event day, however, be sure that everyone RSVPs and inform them of the dress code. If you have done everything according to plan, your guests will be surprised to know that they are actually attending your wedding only upon arrival. 

To keep your surprise under wraps, plan your celebration at a venue suitable for the party your guests think they are attending such as rooftops, restaurants, small gardens and the like.

3.) Campsite

While garden weddings are often rustic and whimsical, they are fairly common nowadays. If you wish to break the mold, consider booking an entire campsite for your wedding. 

All the elements of a garden wedding are present, but with an added and special bonus: Your guests get to camp in after the festivities. To ensure that your wedding guests stay comfortable all throughout your event, consider glampsites (glamorous or luxurious camping sites) in lieu of campsites. 


In this way, you can have your unconventional wedding at a campsite without compelling your wedding guests to rough it out in the wild.

4.) Airbnb Rental

If you and your partner travel a lot, it is highly likely that you have booked an Airbnb rental for one of your accommodation stays. However, while it is unusual to hold weddings at AirBnB rentals, it is very possible. 

Some properties, especially high-end ones, have beautiful views and wonderful amenities (with some of them even better than the ones offered at grand ballrooms or hotel function rooms) insomuch that celebrating a wedding in one is not so far-fetched.  

With an array of beautiful properties scattered all throughout the Philippines, you can simply pick one that will fit your theme and suit your novel tastes.

5.) National Monument

Patriotic but unconventional couples might want to tie their knot at a National Monument. However, opting to hold wedding ceremonies at National Monuments might come with a few restrictions and regulations. 

More importantly, it is unknown if such is allowed in the Philippines. However, if you wish to do so, be sure to secure the right permits and ask the right people if this is possible and if it can be pulled off. 

Should you push through in hosting a wedding ceremony at a National Monument, consider scaling down your guest list as this type of wedding calls for only an intimate gathering.


With so many themed event spaces and hotel ballrooms being the go-to places for soon-to-wed couples, why not choose something that makes you original? Sure, these event spaces typically offer you unbeatable wedding packages, but a cookie-cutter wedding venue is not exactly something every couple would want for their big day. 

So, if you wish to make an unforgettable impression, give one of the suggestions above some consideration and be the kind of couple that transcends wedding clichés and norms.