Unconventional Weddings: Eight Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

June 16, 2020

There is no doubt that every couple who wishes to tie the knot wishes to make a lasting impression on their guests.

All, if not most, couples would want their guests to incorporate personal aspects in their wedding that are identifiable only to them. Succinctly said, most engaged couples would want to inject distinct elements in their wedding that would make it stand out. In this regard, not only would they have a unique celebration, but they would have a memorable celebration that would undoubtedly wow their guests.

 However, today most weddings have become rather generic and formulaic. With the rise and popularity of social media, weddings are no longer events which only the invitees get to witness. Today, wedding guests have a knack for peppering their social media feed with live updates– from the wedding prep down to the after party insomuch that your wedding would be akin to a highly publicized event. In lieu of charming and personal little details, weddings have evolved into big productions that require so much planning and work just to execute. However, this is not to say that big and grand weddings are necessarily bad. But if every couple draws inspiration from other weddings every single time, weddings will become inevitably bland insomuch that they can be considered basic and commonplace.

 If you wish your wedding to be different and memorable, recognize that your wedding is about you and your partner first and foremost. It is your day and your family and friends should leave your reception hall with that impression. With this in mind, think of what is identifiable to you and your partner. If you love the beach, consider having a beachside ceremony. If you are connoisseurs of food, be on the top of your menu list and create a curated list of main dishes and desserts. However, beyond the personalized details (which your guests will undoubtedly love), bear in mind that your guests’ comfort is paramount. In this regard, keeping your guests happy, well-fed and comfortable is also an excellent way to make it stand out. Bear in mind that social media plays an integral role in most people’s lives, so you can expect Instagram and Facebook to be blowing up with photos from your big day. Use this to your advantage and incorporate themes and aspects that will undoubtedly make your wedding look quite the success.

In any case, here are some of the failsafe ways you can make your wedding stand out:


1.) Embrace the season your wedding falls in



For a truly picturesque and scenic wedding, use seasons to your favor. If you are planning to have a garden or beach wedding then it would make most sense if you scheduled your wedding during the summertime. With the sunshine and flowers in full bloom, opt for a wedding venue that adds to the overall aesthetic of your wedding day. 

You can even be a little creative and make it more attractive for the guests by thinking of your happiest and most memorable summer memories. Use these to create something you and your guests will likely never forget.

2.) Play with colors


Typically, brides come in a white wedding gown and the groom in a suave black suit. While this look is very much okay in a wedding, you might want to explore something different with various colors if you wish your wedding to stand out. However, bear in mind that in playing and experimenting with colors, keep things bridal. 

In this regard, you may want to play a bit with different hues and tones to see which one works best for you and your wedding. Do not stop at just your apparel and think big for the entire wedding theme.

 If you wish, you can even play up some colors for the groom’s party and your bridesmaids.

3.) Have custom monograms made


Today, most couples hire wedding planners and coordinators to ensure that their wedding day goes smoothly as planned. However, hiring a wedding coordinator is also a surefire way to make your wedding look as generic as it can be. In this regard, it is imperative to inject little personal touches and details that would set it apart. 

To place a personal touch to your wedding, consider making monograms at a wedding site or hiring a professional to do it. Your monogram can comprise something as simple as just you and your partner’s initials. If you wish for a bolder and more intricate monogram, you can include your wedding day’s date and hashtag. 

These will be placed on various places from the tables, wedding signs, and so on.

4.) Keep your guests entertained by providing party props

By the time the party is in full swing, your guests will certainly want to join in and appreciate the party props. These can include anything from masks, glow sticks, funny hats, tambourines, maracas and so on. However, be sure not to overdo it. 

Just think of what people would love to use during a party and make it available for them to use. Incidentally, your party props can also be an inexpensive but nice way to thank your guests for coming to your wedding. 

Complete it with some take-home treats, wedding souvenirs and personalized “thank you” notes attached.

5.) Keep the alcohol flowing

Unless you want a totally liquor-free affair, drinks and alcohol are non-negotiable elements of a wedding. After all, drinks help people relax and allows them to get in the mood for a great time. However, do not simply just fill the bar and let your guests have at it as they wish. 

Be creative with your booze and your guests will certainly appreciate it. In this regard, you may choose to have a signature cocktail for the guests and then use these to show your guests to their seats like a traditional escort card or the like. At your reception hall, be sure that you have bartenders and mixologists on-site to ensure that your guests can have everything they need and keep them happy all night long. 

If you wish to take the fancy route, you can take it up a notch and level up your wine presentation. Order some custom labels and place them on the wine and water which will then be served to the guests.


6.) Level up your wedding cake stand





Today, wedding cakes and desserts are simply not food to serve but have transformed into an integral part of any reception decor insomuch that they have to match your wedding theme. In this regard, the way you present your cake makes an impact on your overall decor. Sure, you can place the cake in a central position on a table and have it take the spotlight in your reception hall, but there are more ways to display your cake. 

Depending on where you have your wedding, you can decide on the specifics of the cake. One unique, but creative way to present your cake is to have it supported by strong but thin cables to give it a more floating effect.

7.) Do not underestimate flowers








Flowers are incredibly important in weddings that they have become rather non-negotiable aspects. More often than not, as the bride and groom makes their way to the church’s exit, they will often be showered by bubbles or flowers from the flower girls. 

To make your wedding a little different, you can opt to hire a rose petal cannon for that very special moment. After the nuptials have been said, these canons will blow thousands of rose petals on the site.

Not only will this play up the aesthetic, but you can expect cheers from your wedding guests as the stream of petals fall on you and your partner.

8.) Importance of seating arrangements

While some couples who do not wish to be bothered by seating arrangements would rather have their wedding guests sit anywhere they wish, having a well-thought of seat plan is crucial. When your guests are properly seated, conversations are not forced and can flow freely. More importantly, interaction will be at an all-time high. 

However, your wedding guests do not necessarily have to sit on benches and chairs. Depending on your wedding’s theme, you may opt for a different style of chair which is more picturesque and blends with the wedding’s overall theme. 

You can either go with a boho-chic theme with cushions on the floor, lounge-style seating or something unique such as tree stumps with floral accents.  


Keep in mind that weddings are supposed to be days filled with laughter and joy. It is a day where people tie the knot and would mark the beginning of their journey together. As this is a day that you would never want to forget, it is imperative to make it as memorable as possible. With the modern world’s monotony with weddings, it would bode you well to think out of the box. With the ideas listed above, you can truly have a magical and memorable wedding day.