Weather-Proof Your Wedding

August 16, 2019


As we move into mid-year, we all get ready for unpredictable weather here in the Philippines. Every week in July is a mix of humid, tropical afternoons, rain showers and thunderstorms, and back-to-summer heat. And while we wish we could move around our important dates, parties, and weddings to move with the most ideal weather, we’ve got to stick to our calendars and make the most of whatever weather we’re dealt with.

Fortunately, there are ways to beat unpredictable weather changes—as long as you do enough prep work pre-party. Here are some ideas to help you and your guests make the most of your event, no matter what happens.

1. Give your guests fair warning. Locals may anticipate the weather changes, but if you’re expecting out of towners and balikbayans at your next affair, it would do you best to inform them of the likely weather through your Save the Date websites, and even in your actual invitations. It’s a thoughtful detail that doesn’t take much effort but will make a world of difference to first timers to the country.

2.  Make giveaways functional. Outfitting your venue with handcrafted fans, pretty parasols, and even practical ponchos is a great way to double up on function. Not only do your guests make use of their giveaways right away, they take home accessories that will prove to be useful all year round too. After all—who says only corporate events can give away umbrellas?

3. Dress for the weather. Switching from fancy leather shoes for the groom, and heels for the bride has become a popular practice, giving everyone a chance to put on their dancing shoes and party the night away. Who says an outfit change can’t be weather appropriate too? Think of the fun photo op that wedding gear plus galoshes or raincoats can bring! If you’re thinking more long-term, however, make sure to work with fabrics that do well in tropical weather. Switch from stuffy suits to breezy barongs, and stiff satin to cool linen instead.


4. Bring the outdoors in. It might be a long shot to stage a successful garden party in July, but who’s to say you can’t outfit your venue with enough plants to make everyone feel they’re outdoors? Opt for an indoor garden theme and experience what it’s like to be outside in the comfort of an air-conditioned, roofed venue.


5. Have staff on the ready. While your guests can surely make a run for it when driving up to your venue in the rain, their experience of your party will be so much better if there are people on standby to give assistance when needed. Whether that’s having a trusty valet, having someone carry an umbrella for incoming guests, or having someone roll out some turf where the ground is soft and muddy, coming up with a team to deal with on-site situations will make any party go by more smoothly.

Photos: Pinterest