Of Momentous Events and Celebrations: Guide to Finding Your Wedding Reception Venue in Metro Manila

February 10, 2020

Planning an event—whether big or small—does not begin until you have chosen an appropriate venue to hold it in.

Apart from being the biggest decision you will probably make in the course of planning your event, your chosen venue takes up a significant chunk of your budget (and may even be the most costly expense). With all that in consideration, knowing what your venue options are and making a decision should be two aspects of the planning process that should never be taken lightly.  Identifying where you choose to have your event is a pivotal step in the planning process as it dictates the logistics of your event and determines whether or not it is possible to have an event on a certain date. More importantly, your wedding reception venue determines other miscellaneous but significant details of your event such as the availability of suppliers that can cater to your event. In this regard, it might even be said that you should not be booking anything else before you have decided and booked a wedding reception venue.  

Other than your budget, there are other things you should take into account when you look for your wedding reception venue. While searching for the ideal place that makes you feel that special feeling of finding “the one” is paramount, there are other factors that are just as important as well. Metro Manila, being the country’s capital, has a variety of wedding reception venues in different locations that would suitably fit a myriad of themes.

However, before you sign on the dotted line and make a decision, ascertain that you are asking the right questions and take a tour of the property. Before selecting a venue, be absolutely sure that it ticks off all the right boxes lest you make a potentially costly mistake.

Compelling Reasons to Choose A Wedding Reception Venue in Manila

Budget Friendly


One of the initial things you think about when booking a venue is whether or not your budget can accommodate the kind of venue you want. Luckily for you, Metro Manila has some of the country’s best wedding reception venues and more importantly, some of them come with flexible packages insomuch that you would no longer need to look for other suppliers as the venue’s rate comes with them. However, even if a venue’s package is exclusive of other suppliers your event might need, you would no longer need to think about a supplier’s exorbitant out of town fees—especially when you are after the country’s best and top-rated ones. 





Being the country’s capital, it is no question that everything you might possibly need can already be found in Metro Manila. Just think of the time and money saved seeing as you no longer need to book out of town suppliers or buying essentials from other places. If you book a venue within the metropolis, the logistics of your event will be much easier which then translates to more convenience (and less stress!) for you.

Urban Feel


Being a progressive city, it is inevitable for most  weddingreception venues to have that urban touch and modern feel. Unfortunately, for many, booking a venue in Metro Manila might mean being encumbered by driving through traffic jams. However, you can always choose a  wedding reception venue within the metro such as The Blueleaf Cosmopolitan. While located in Quezon City, Blueleaf Cosmopolitan’s traffic is relatively manageable provided you give your guests enough time allotment to arrive. If you are trying to tell the story (or at least recreate it) of where you and your partner (if applicable) then there is no better place to do it than in Metro Manila.



One of the perks of having a wedding reception venue in Metro Manila is getting to accommodate more guests for your event. As an example, Chinese weddings with expansive guest lists usually invite at least 300-500 heads for their event. Booking a wedding reception venue in Metro Manila means that they can accommodate that number and even more. If you are rather particular about your guests’ attendance as well as their ease of comfort, then you should consider booking a wedding reception venue in Metro Manila. If you have a lot of elderly guests, it would be to their benefit if you booked a wedding reception venue that does not require them to travel too far.



Six Steps in Choosing A Wedding Reception Venue in Metro Manila

Choose your wedding's general location



Metro Manila is a big place. More importantly, it is filled with various cities. In this regard, you can narrow down your search by focusing on the district you want to throw your event in. Say you want to have a wedding in your hometown or the city you currently live—or even a city you have always wanted to tie the knot in. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of having an event in that particular wedding and weigh your options. Before anything else, selecting your event’s general location takes precedence over any other aspect of event planning as this is the decision that will directly affect all the other details of your event—from the budget to your venue options.

Figure out your budget



Before scouting potential wedding reception venue spots, it is paramount that you determine how much you are willing to spend for the venue alone. After all, you cannot run the risk of falling in love with a venue, booking it and compromising your budget for the other essentials of your event. Determine how much you wish to spend and ask whether or not they have packages that include catering as apart from being the more convenient option, it will help you save significantly.

Come up with a "guesstimate"



Regardless of how spacious a wedding reception venue might be, there is always a limit to how many guests it can comfortably accommodate. More often than not, this is not flexible. Similarly, a wedding reception venue can only have so many parking spaces so that is another thing to keep in mind. While you are not required to come up with an exact number of guests before you can even select a venue, you need to have an approximate—or more appropriately, guesstimate—of how many guests you will be inviting. So, sit down with your partner or planner and decide on how many heads you want to have at your wedding.

Think about your priorities


Once you have your budget, location and guesstimate locked down, you need to envision how you want your venue to look like. In this regard, sit down and choose at least three features that your ideal and dream venue should have. The features can be anywhere from a venue with in-house catering, enough parking space to a venue with spacious indoors. Make a list of venue must-haves (which you are not willing to compromise on) and a list of nice things to have in a venue but are not necessary. In this way, you can narrow down your options better to have the best venue fit for the kind of event you want to have.



Contact your potential venues and ask questions


After arriving at a condensed list of prospective event venues, send a message to each one expressing your interest. After they have replied, begin your query with a few basic questions. First off, you should ask whether they are available on your preferred date. From there, you can then confirm their capacity and then ensure if they offer the priorities you wish to have present at your venue. Lastly, you can also request for a pricing quote or information to determine whether it is within your budget.

Weigh the pros and cons


It is likely that you will fall in love at first sight with a particular wedding venue but that should not mean a perfunctory commitment to sign on the dotted line. On your initial tour, it is best to take a step back and even if you love the venue, it is best to see other options before committing first. Weigh the pros and cons and arrive at a top choice. You might have thought that you found the perfect place only to find out you could have scored a better deal if you checked out other venues.

Once you have arrived at a decision, you can then proceed on signing on the dotted line. Just be sure to be meticulous about the terms you are agreeing to so as to avoid miscommunication in the future. After signing the contract, give yourself a pat at the back as you have successfully made one of the most important and difficult decisions in event planning. Now you can proceed to plan the other details of your event.

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