What’s Your Wedding Planning Style?

August 15, 2017

Before you even begin to dip your toes into booking caterers, hosts or DJs, figure out how best to tackle the huge task of planning your wedding. Answer the questions and head straight to the bottom of the page to discover which strategy fits you best.

1.) How do you like your coffee in the morning?

a. Cold brew. Easy to just grab and go.

b. French press. You like to take it slow in the mornings with a freshly brewed cup while watching the news.

c. Espresso shot. High intensity, high impact, all the time.

d. No caffeine, just hot water with a splash of lemon.


2.) What’s your dream honeymoon hotspot?

a. A short flight will deal you a hundred and one options.

b. There’s no better place in the world to celebrate L-O-V-E.

c. New York City. You’re after that Big Apple buzz.

d. It’ll be great to experience nature at its finest.


3.) If you could do a couples workout together, what would you be getting into?

a. It’s quick, uncomplicated, and you can’t do it anywhere for cheap.

b. Personal training at the gym. You can’t maximize the burn without a tailor-made routine.

c. Endurance? Check. Strength? Check. Flexibility? Check. Sights? Check.

d. Savasana with your significant other is the best.


4.) What kind of shows do you like to chill out to on Netflix?

a. They’re the perfect non-fussy way to unwind at the end of the day.

b. They’re like taking an extra credit class right at home.

c. Action thrillers. Blockbusters and popcorn flicks are the best.

d. What’s Netflix?


5. What gadget’s next on your Must Have list?

a. The next smartphone release. But you’re in no rush because the one you have is still perfectly fine.

b. Got to prep for the honeymoon with a superior lens.

c. Go Pro. No extreme sport enthusiast is complete without it.

d. It’ll be good to have a pedometer and a sleep tracker.


Mostly As: Easy Does It.

You’re a no-fuss person who likes to take it easy. Your wedding planner can calm down—no potential Bridezilla or Groomzilla here!

Mostly Bs: Only the Best.

You’re not going to settle for “good enough” when it comes to your wedding. You know what you want and you’ll do and spend what it takes to get it.

Mostly Cs: On the Fast Track.

You hate playing the waiting game and you want things done yesterday. It’s essential to work with professionals who don’t give a second thought to getting things done.

Mostly Ds: Keep Calm and Carry on.

While you know you have to get things done, the little details that come with a wedding don’t really bother you. You prefer to pass everything on to a planner instead.

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