Your No-Fail Wedding Venue Planner

June 5, 2017

The ultimate checklist for every newly engaged couple.

Where to even begin? Starting the wedding planning process can be overwhelming even for the most on-top-of-it bridezilla. Before embarking on the arduous process of planning your ceremony, it’s important to have a firm handle on the standard Musts and To Do’s, so you’re sure to maximize your time and use it efficiently.

Venues can be particularly tough. Outdoor or indoor? Small or big? How many pax? What about parking? While you may assume you’ve got everything covered as you make the rounds and visit different locations, questions may still crop up after you’ve already made your booking.

Get all your details ironed out with this handy checklist to keep you well-informed and on top of all your planning.

_ How many restrooms are there and where are they located? What amenities are included in the public restrooms?

_ Where can we set up registration table? Is it large enough to include a gift reception area?

_ Is there a holding room available?

_ Can the guests have a separate space for pre-event cocktails?

_ Where is the bar and are there available add-ons for beverages?

_ Are there any accredited caterers recommended? Does hiring an outside caterer require an additional fee?

_ Is there corkage?

_ How many parking slots are available?

_ Is there a valet service?

_ Will there be a service staff on hand during the event? How many people will be around?